Terms and Conditions

(i) We are not a food business operator and are not engaged in the manufacture, processing, packaging or storage.

(ii) Any order placed on Chefling Kitchen website is delivered by a third party delivery service.

(iii) We are not responsible for the food items or any services provided by the Home Kitchens listed on our Website, including but not limited to ensuring that the food delivered meets your requirements and expectations. They are independent Kitchens, we have tasted their food before taking them on board.

(iv) The Home Kitchens is solely responsible for preparing the food items in accordance with your order. We will not be liable for any wrong order.

(v) We are not responsible for the availability or non-availability of any food items. The Kitchens listed on the Website shall be solely responsible for the availability of items displayed on their respective menu in the Services.

(vi) We do not guarantee the fulfillment of any large orders placed through the Website without Telephonic Confirmation from Chefling Kitchens team. The fulfillment of any large order depends entirely on the availability of the items at the concerned Home Kitchen.

(vii) Pre-Orders shall be acceptable for more than three servings or as mentioned by the Kitchen.

(viii) Pre-Orders once placed online and confirmed via phone can not be canceled/changed.