How It Works

Chefling Kitchen’ aims to digitally empower women and give them a platform to run a home-based food business. The idea is to promote the skill of these women and increase the chances of making them economically independent by providing space where they can start their own business and also expand their reach. Chefling Kitchen will connect the talented home-based workers to offices, organizations, events, etc.

We believe that Pakistani women have a talent for cooking delicious cuisines and they have unique flavors and stories behind their recipe to share. Chefling Kitchen would add value to the work by training them in various ways; teach them specific kitchen guidelines, methods of standardizing recipes, essential hygiene considerations, nutrition value, health-related considerations that a home cook needs to keep in mind.

Benefiting the vendors
The Chefling Kitchen caters to home-based run kitchens in a way that it provides them with the benefit of working from home and also lets them sell by their name.

For their convenience, we are going to provide these home cooks with packaging and delivery services. Each cheflings would be trained including upgrading their kitchen, standardizing kitchen guidelines, documenting recipes to avoid fluctuation in taste,etc.

Each seller will sell their specialized dishes. Tasted and verified by the team at Chefling Kitchen.There will be a part of a community where everyone has a different story of their recipe and how they started their career. This would bring in more interesting and innovative food combinations. Chefling Kitchen would also help in digital outreach

Benefit for the Customers
The customers who order from this service have the ideal perks of having healthy food made in clean a kitchen with good hygiene quality. Since it is a hassle for many working people to go out or order in food on a daily basis, Chefling Kitchen would provide them with various options to have home cooked food of their choice. Moreover, these dishes are going to be very economical so that everyone can afford easily.

Who are we
Chefling Kitchen is a sister project of Chefling Tales.Madiha Hamid the founder whose passion for cooking led her to do justice to the dire need of documenting and preserving recipes that every mother has in her household. Now a team of food bloggers, travel bloggers, comic artists, developers and designers, working from across Pakistan. We want to give a platform to home cooks, showcase regional cuisines, document traditional recipes, promote food entrepreneurs, capture the culinary beauty of Pakistan and give our readers a flavor of international cuisine through travel tales. We also teach kitchen gardening, so you can grow your own organic produce and play your part in food sustainability.